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JP's Midwest CUB-ARMA Tractor Show

History of the Show


It all pretty well started with a small discussion on the tractor forum.  Many of the folks on there had been sharing tips and stories with each other for a while and we had been gladly supplying help and parts when needed.  Then it came around how nice it would be to put a face to an online name.  I thought about it for a while and figured, we could do this....we have a great small town atmosphere, pretty centrally located and love to meet fellow cub enthusiast.  So, in May of 2002 we started planning.  September came very quickly and the rest is history....

2011  Our 10th anniversary brought   We were also the proud host location for the National IH Auction



2008  Totals were:223 tractors from 23 states and Canada

2007, hit another record.  239 Cub and Cadets, 20 Other tractors, 5 vehicles,    and 2 other for a grand  total of 266 from 22 states and Canada.

In 2006 we hosted the MO state show, there were 201 cub & cadets AND 80 other IH tractors and vehicles for a grand total of 281 from 25 states and Canada

Final count for 2005 was 197 Cub and Cub Cadets in from 20 states and   Canada. 

Then in 2004, we had 193 Cub  and Cub Cadets in from 23 states. 

2003 topped out with 123 tractors  in from 20 states and Canada. 

The first Cub-Arama happened in September of 2002 and had 68 Cub and  Cub Cadets into our area from 16 states and Canada.


Every year we feature a  special Cub tractor for our show tractor.  We then use this tractor on our show buttons and flyers.  In the past the show tractors have been: 

2002 - 1947 Cub Hicrop, restored. 

2003 - 1957 Cub with duals   and a Gaylott Scoop, restored. 

2004 - 1967 Cub with Aurburn trencher, restored

2005 - 1957 cub with 1pt and 2 arm Waggnor loader, all original. 

2006 - we did a group that consisted of a 1954 IH pickup, 1977 Cub and a Original Cadet. 

2007 - We used 3 Cub Cadets, 1872, 382 and 86.

2008 was a decked out 1957 Cub loboy with all the bells and whistles in options.

2009 featured a special 1950 Cub Demo.

2010 was something new, it was a nice looking group picture from 2009 attendees on their tractor.

2011 we did a nice two picture button with an original 1961 cub cadet and the 2011 prototype cadet