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Here is a list of common Farmall and International Cub parts and prices. Some parts may not be on the list, but feel free to call or email with any requests. We aim to provide both good used take off parts, as well as new aftermarket parts at a fair price. Time limits posting pictures of each individual part we carry, but pictures are available upon request. *Prices may change on items due to conditions and availability. Also, prices listed do NOT include the cost of shipping. “Items pictured may not necessarily be the items in stock at time of purchase, these are just stock photos.”

  Part #: 351773r91
Exchange or Core Charge of $25 may be added.

Pressure Plate
  Part #: 351760r91
This is a new pressure plate. An exchange or core charge of $25 may be added.

Throw out Bearing
  Part #: 350921r11
Aftermarket graphite.

Clutch Release Yoke
  Part #:
Please let us know if yours is straight or bent, and includes pin.

Clutch Operating Rod
  Part #:
This includes Clevis ends. We also need to know if your rod is adjustable or not.

Clutch Pedal
  Part #:
We need to know if this is with the sleeve or without.

Clutch Pedal Return Spring
  Part #: 350951r1
You may purchase one for $4 or a set of 3 for $10.

Clutch Housing
  Part #: 351686r3
Center Section

Hand Hole Cover
  Part #: 351486r11
This includes bar and nut(round).

Clutch Housing Cover
  Part #: 351485r2

Transmission Case/Housing
  Part #: 351236r98
These have been cleaned and visually checked for cracks.

Ring Gear & Pinion Shaft Assembly
  Part #: 350785r92, 351531r1
In the Case book, these are called a differential.

Rear Transmission Case Cover
  Part #: 350836r1

Bearing Retainer
  Part #: 376158r91

Bearing Retainer Shims
  Part #:
These are $3 for a set of 4. There are no part numbers listed because each of these shims have a different part number.

Transmission Clutch Shaft
  Part #: 351534r21
This is $50 for a used part, or we also have new parts available for $110.

Reverse Idler Gear
  Part #: 350870r11
22 Teeth

Reverse Idler Shaft
  Part #: 350869r1

1st/Reverse Speed Sliding Gear
  Part #: 350867r1
13 Teeth

2nd/3rd Speed Sliding Gear
  Part #: 350868r1, 364520r1
We need to know if yours has 16/26 teeth or 17/26 teeth.

Counter Shaft & Bevel Pinion
  Part #: 351531r1
10 Teeth

Reverse Speed Gear
  Part #: 350848r1
35 Teeth

Speed Gear Spacers
  Part #:
Let us know which one you need. No part numbers are listed because there are several different ones.

1st/Reverse Speed Gear
  Part #: 350850r1
39 Teeth

2nd Speed Gear
  Part #: 350852r1, 364519r1
We need to know if yours is 35 or 36 Teeth.

3rd Speed Gear
  Part #: 350854r1
26 Teeth

Countershaft Bearing Retainer
  Part #: 385688r1

Shift Forks
  Part #: 355601r92, 355600r93
1st/Reverse or 2nd/3rd, price per each fork.

Shifter Rods
  Part #: 352770r3, 352774r3
You need to tell us which one you need.

Gear Shift Poppet Ball & Spring
  Part #: 350876r1