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Here is a list of common Farmall and International Cub parts and prices. Some parts may not be on the list, but feel free to call or email with any requests. We aim to provide both good used take off parts, as well as new aftermarket parts at a fair price. Time limits posting pictures of each individual part we carry, but pictures are available upon request. *Prices may change on items due to conditions and availability. Also, prices listed do NOT include the cost of shipping. “Items pictured may not necessarily be the items in stock at time of purchase, these are just stock photos.”

  Part #:

Camshaft Gear
  Part #:

Camshaft Thrust Plate
  Part #:

  Part #:
This price is for used take off piston.

.040 Piston Assembly
  Part #:
This is a NEW Piston set. It includes 4 of each: pistons, rings, pins, & bushings.

  Part #:
This is for a set of rings. We do need to know what size you need.

Connecting Rod
  Part #:

  Part #:
The price of $250 is for a block that has been boiled, cleaned, and magna-fluxed to check for cracks or welds. This includes lifters, camshaft, and gear. The cost for a block with a NEW Piston Kit included is $475.

Oil Level Gauge with Cap
  Part #: 251362r92, 366697r91
Dipstick (short or long)

Valve Tappet Cover
  Part #: 251372r1

Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer
  Part #: 251364r1
Sold with Seal Only.

Oil Filter Drain Nipple
  Part #: 251391r1

Full Gasket Set
  Part #:

Front Crankcase Cover
  Part #: 351674r12

Idler Gear
  Part #: 251374R11

Idler Gear Shaft w/Bolt
  Part #: 251376r1, 358248r1

Oil Pump
  Part #:

Oil Pan
  Part #: 355734r91
These are sometimes dented and only cost $25. For a nice pan the cost is $55, these have been boiled and cleaned and are in primer.

  Part #:
These have been through the shop and turned.

Crankshaft Pulley
  Part #:
For a used Crankshaft Pulley is $30, a New Crankshaft Pulley is $35.

Crankshaft Bearings
  Part #:
These bearings range from $50-60 per set. In order to give you the correct price, we need to know if you need Rod Bearings or Main Bearings and also the size.

Flywheel w/ Ring Gear
  Part #: 251271r12

Fan Drive Pulley Assembly
  Part #: 251269r3, 351870r91
This is a complete fan drive assembly.

Hand Crank
  Part #: 351010r31
This is for a new hand crank with spinning roller on the end.

Head Set
  Part #:
This is a complete set that includes the head gasket.

  Part #: 355691r2

Upper Water Pipe
  Part #:

Lower Water Pipe
  Part #:

  Part #:
Carb is $195 for rebuilt. If it is an original IH carb there will be a $50 core charge also.

Carburetor Kit
  Part #:
New kit includes everything but float.

Carburetor Float
  Part #:
This is a new float.

  Part #:
A used manifold is $30. A new manifold is $95. This is vertical with pipe, also includes gaskets.

Under-slung Manifold
  Part #:
This is a used under-slung manifold with pipe.

  Part #: 351436r92
This is for a new vertical muffler.

Muffler Support Bracket
  Part #: 362362r1

Rain Cap
  Part #:

  Part #:
Inside only.

Governor Housing
  Part #: 251446r21

Governor Connecting Rod
  Part #: 251470r1

Governor Control Rod
  Part #: 351008r1

Governor Control Pivot Pin
  Part #: 351007r1

Oil Pump Assembly
  Part #: 251398r1, 251396r1, 251397r1
Body, Idler Gear, and Drive Gear.

Oil Pressure Gauge
  Part #: 528245r91, 536967r1
$15 for used. $38 for new. The new gauge has part number and logo like original, we need your year or style needed.

Oil Filter Cover
  Part #: 251406r2
This includes stud.

Oil Filter Screen
  Part #: 251411r91

Oil Filter Tube
  Part #: 251412r1

Air Cleaner Assembly
  Part #: 350746r93
This is a complete assembly.

  Part #:
Long or short

Oil Cup
  Part #: 352162r91

Retaining Clamp/Bail
  Part #: 352163r2

  Part #: 350752r1

Breather Pipe
  Part #: 369991r11

Air Intake/Mushroom Top
  Part #: 350750r92
We need to know if it fits inside or outside of the body pipe.